How do VIP discounts work on

July 7, 2023

Our philosophy is rewarding loyalty and fostering enduring relationships with our customers. Our VIP program is a testament to this belief, crafted especially for our dedicated players who keep coming back for more. In a world teeming with providers, we aim to stand apart with our superior boosting services and incredible VIP discounts.

Here's the deal with our VIP program: your last gained amount of VIP coins dictates the discount on your next. So, the bigger your previous order, the bigger your discount. You could potentially shave off a massive 30% off your next purchase.

As a returning customer, you get VIP status, reaping benefits others can only dream of. In other words, you get the absolute best deal on Diablo 4 carry services on the internet. At, we're committed to offering quality services at the most competitive prices, ensuring you always get the best bang for your buck.

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